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Yo! Its Happy Hour

Some of my favorite dranks you can make @ home

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Hello Yo its TLin readers! Its Happy Hour time!! Happy Hour other known as HH are the two greatest words in the english language. :) Haha just kidding...kinda. Anyways I am a sucker for a well made cocktail. This article is going to feature a collection of cocktail recipes that I have had that were delicious and some that I have experimented with at home.

The Marg - TLin Special

2 oz of Tequila

1 oz of Lime juice

Squeeze of Agave

Shake w/ Ice

Strawberry Mint that may (te)quila

2oz Tequila

1oz Aperol

3 Strawberries

Handful of Mint

Splash of Orange Juice

Crushed Ice

Lemonade Truly x100

Lemonade Truly

3oz of Deep Eddy's Lemonade

Shake or Blend with Ice


Wendys Frosty (Chocolate or Vanilla - either work)

2oz of Kahlúa

2oz of Barcardi Rum


Gin that's served in a Martini glass

2oz Gin

Egg White

a lil Agave

2oz lime juice

Shake HARD, strain and serve

Feelin' like a Fineapple

2oz Gin

1oz Aperol

3 pieces of Pineapple & Crush

Shake with Ice & Strain

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