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Yo! Its Wine Wednesday

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Hey Yo Its TLin readers! Today is wine Wednesday. On Wednesdays, I will be reviewing one or two wines that I have had all within the price range of $10-$30. All of the wines can be found in this post below! Personally, my taste of wine falls along the lines of the Syrah, Shiraz, Cab Franc, Red Blend and Chianti. Huge fan of full body, but light reds. So disclaimer, most of the wines I will be reviewing will probably be along the lines of those listed above.

The first wine I will be reviewing is my current favorite: Secret Squirrel. Secret Squirrel is produced in WA by the wine makers at Corliss Estate (also known as Tranche cellars). My mom brought this home after a girls trip she took over in Walla Walla, and after one sip I fell in LOVE. A little bummed that I'm sharing my secret but I think y'all should know. With a higher price point (relative to our range) of $25 this is one bottle I would love to savor after a long work day.

As soon as the first sip of Secret Squirrel hits your taste buds, you immediately taste something fruity, something a little oaky, and also a combination of spices and notes of figs. This wine is so delicious and the story behind it is awesome. Take a look below at the snippet that is actually printed on the bottle.

The second wine I am reviewing is actually a wine distributor called 90+ cellars. I have been a huge fan of 90+ cellars for a very long time. What they do is they take second label to a whole other level.

90+ cellars mission is to bring higher quality wines to the market at exceptional prices. All of their bottles range from $10-$40, but what you are drinking is typically what is in a $30-$80 bottle.

How might you ask?

What makes specific wines rare and expensive is that every winemaker allots a specific number of cases for wines to be produced that current season. However, it is more often that the winemakers produce more than what is needed and so, what do they do with the extra wine? Essentially, they "pour it into the ground." What 90+ cellars do is that, they go in and buy the extra left over wine and bottle it up in a new bottle with a completely different label and a way lower price point. So, winemakers get to sell more wine and wine drinkers like us, get a $40 bottle for about $15. If that isn't win win then I don't know what is. You can find 90+ cellar bottles all over Boston but if you are not local they ship too! My personal favorites are the Shiraz, French Fusion, and the Big Red Blend.

The third wine on my list is one of those wines where you just keep a stash at home or in your purse for happy travels. :)

I am a huge fan of bota boxes. There are three different sizes: bota brick, bota mini, and bota box. A Bota brick holds about 2 bottles of wine. A Bota mini is pretty much equivalent to 3 hefty glasses and a Bota box contains about 4 bottles of wine. I get the Bota box, which is usually priced between $16-19. Breaking that out its about $4.50/bottle. WHAT A STEAL. My favorite is the Shiraz. A little tip, I would suggest you try one of the bota mini's to figure out which one you like. Plus, they are perfect for traveling or if you need to sneak a lil sip of wine during the day. ;)

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