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48 hours in Nashville

Weekend Guide to Nash(vegas)

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One of the best things about moving to Nashville is the fact that everyone wants to come visit! After a few weekend visits from my friends in other cities and people asking for recommendations on what to do, I decided to mock up a 48 hr weekend guide to the music capitol of America! Make sure to follow @DinWithTLin & @YoItsTLin to keep up with my adventures!

Friday Evening:

Even after a long afternoon of traveling, you still have to go out the first night in Nashville! If you landed just in time for dinner, I would recommend hitting up for Skull's Rainbow Room in Printer Alley. Skull's is a speakeasy sort of shindig where cocktails are stiff and food is delicious. Highly recommend making reservations prior to your trip to Nash. Not a lot of people know this but, Nashville is actually a huge foodie town. With a lot of NYC restaurants and bars popping up, there is a ton of food to try beyond Hot Chicken & BBQ.

Friday Night:

After dinner, head over to Broadway down the street, to experience the real Nash-Vegas! Honky Tonks x Honky Tonks. Couple favorites are Valentines, The Stage, Honky Tonk Central & Crazy Town. When people ask me what exactly is a Honky Tonk - I usually say think a large 3 story sports bar, but instead of games being the main attraction, live country music is. Heads up: phone service and traffic on Broadway is pretty bad, so make sure to be mindful of that when calling Ubers or trying to meet up with friends.

Saturday Morning:

To me, a perfect Saturday morning is eating and then exploring. Nashville is a great place for anybody who likes to shop, eat, explore, wander, and just listen to some really great live music. People say that when you come to Nashville you must have brunch at The Southern. A couple other good brunch places include 5th & Taylor, Sinema, The Sutler and Butcher & Bee. Some of my favorite areas to explore and eat are Germantown, 12 South, Hillsborough Village, and The Gulch. After brunch make your way to one of these neighborhoods and just soak in all of the Nashville charm.

Saturday Afternoon:

If you like country music and museums I would recommend going to the Hall of Fame! If museums are not your scene, checking out Broadway in the daytime is also a fun and interesting experience. A couple of my favorite day time places are Acme and Ole Red's rooftop. With a view of the river, you can listen to some live music and sip on some afternoon drinks. If you have room for a late lunch, head over to Peg Leg and Porker in the Gulch for some bomb Pulled Pork Nachos & Ribs.

Saturday Evening:

After a long day of exploring and honky tonkin', end your night with a delicious dinner. I am obsessed with all of the M Street restaurants. Located in the Gulch, M street restaurants are a strip of some awesome food joints. There is Kayne Prime (steakhouse), Virago (Sushi), Saint Añejo (Mexican), Moto (Italian), and Whiskey Kitchen (American). All of these are great choices. A couple other favorites of mine are Oak, Husk, and Etch.

Saturday Night:

If you are tired of honky tonkin, but still want to go out, make your way to some dope and more low-key cocktail bars in Nashville. Some of my go-to bars are: Patterson House-a great old school cocktail joint, Old Glory- which is a speakeasy of some sorts that is hidden underground in Edgehill, LA Jackson- a rooftop bar on top of the Thompson Hotel in the Gulch, Attaboy-a no menu NYC speakeasy (one of those places you said spirit forward, mint....), and Bastion-just overall a really great space and yummy cocktails.

Sunday Morning:

One of my favorite gems in Nashville is a place called Old School Farm to Table. It is a restaurant on a farm. ON A FARM! Everything made at the restaurant is grown and picked from the farm or at least within 15 miles of it. About a 20 min drive outside from downtown, this farm to table brunch is absolutely delicious. Side note: Church is a huge thing in Nashville so, some of the stores or smaller restaurants may be closed until 12/1pm.

Sunday Afternoon:

If you are leaving Sunday evening, I would definitely consider exploring the parts of Nashville that you did not get to on Saturday. One cool building is in centennial park, where there is a full size parthenon built at the park. I know I keep talking about food cannot leave Nashville without trying the Hot Chicken! Hot Chicken is actually VERY HOT so watch out. The two most iconic places for Hot Chicken are Prince's and Hattie B's. Highly recommend going in at off hours to avoid the long wait times.

Sunday Evening:

Time to head home! The Nashville Airport is about 15 minutes from Downtown. A super easy $20 uber ride and a usually fast security line, make sure to soak up all of Nashville until the very last minute.

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