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DinWithTlin x Nashville - Bar edition

Favorite Bars in Nashville

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Hello Yo It's TLin readers! So some exciting news - I have officially lived in Nashville for 1.5 years. It has honestly gone by so fast and it has been an absolute blast. With Nashville growing as fast as it is, new restaurants and bars pop up all the time. If it is your first time in Nash and you are wondering what to do for the weekend, definitely check out my post: 48 hours in Nashville.

Below captures some of my favorite cocktail bars in the music city. I am a huge cocktail/mixology fan and so I was pleasantly surprised and super excited about Nashville's cocktail bar scene. These bars are perfect for date nights, pre-din drinks, or if you just wanna have a couple great cocktail with your friends. Check them out below!

TLin's Favorite Cocktail Bars

  • LA Jackson (The Gulch) - Located on top of the Thompson Hotel in The Gulch, LA Jackson is definitely one of my go-to spots. With an upscale west elm vibe, all of their handcrafted cocktails are delicious and their truffle fries & grilled cheese is to die for. If you have a group of 6, try out their yummy large format cocktail.
  • Old Glory (Edgehill) - One of the first bar's I went to in Nash, Old Glory is a speakeasy feel cocktail bar that's located in an old boiler room. They make killer classic cocktails and a little fun secret is that they serve empanadas. It is a great bar to go to anyway of the week. On Friday/Saturday nights you'll usually spot a DJ mixin' 80's old school Hip Hop.
  • Attaboy (East Nash) - Attaboy is one of the more intimate bars in Nashville. Only seating around 30 people in the entire establishment, this bar is perfect for a date or a couple drinks with your closest friends. Attaboy has no menu so when you walk in all you do is tell them what you like. For ex: I love my drinks spirit forward, usually with Gin or tequila as a base. I also like citrus forward or herbaceous drinks. Anything with mint, ginger or honey and I am sold. 
  • Fox Cocktail Bar (East Nash) - Similar to Attaboy, Fox is very intimate. What I love about Fox is that they have an entire menu dedicated to Old Fashioned cocktails. So, if you love a good OF, I would definitely recommend checking out this spot. They are also one of the first bars in nash to brand their ice, which I think is super cool detail. 
  • Pearl Diver (East Nash) - Peal Diver is an awesome tiki bar. They brand themselves as an exotic hideout bar, which in reality, it really is. This is a great spot to share a couple tiki inspired cocktails with some good friends. Overall the vibe of this joint is awesome. If I lived over on the eastside I would definitely be spending a lot of time here. Also, Pearl Diver was opened by the same owners of East Nashville's Treehouse and no. 308, so you know the quality is fire. 
  • Flamingo (Wedgwood Houston) - I freaking love Flamingo. Not only do they have great cocktails, but they also have this large format where they serve a cocktail in an actual gold Flamingo. Flamingo is a little hidden, but follow the path behind the Falcon Coffee shop and it will lead you to a bright pink building where the music is boomin' and the cocktails are flowin'. On Friday and Saturday nights, the bar turns into a salsa/pop dance club. 
  • Bastion (Wedgwood Houston) - Right across the street from Flamingo is another one of my favs, Bastion. A little fun fact is that Bastion is both an intimate 24 person restaurant as well as a great cocktail bar that serves amazing nachos. Bastion by far has the best penicillin in town. 
  • Green Hour (Germantown) - A hidden gem in Germantown, The Green hour is a truffle shop by day and an absinthe bar at night. Easy to mistake as a small boutique shop, the Green hour is a fantastic place to have a solid cocktail with a couple chocolate truffles. The bar only seats around 20 and so if you want to see the green fairy definitely check this place out. Even if you are not the biggest fan of absinthe, the bartenders here make a killer cocktail. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading! To stay updated on new posts, make sure to subscribe below. Happy Sippin'!!

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