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Favorite Restaurants in Boston

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Wassup DinWithTLin readers! Check out some of my favorite restaurants in Boston grouped by cuisine below!


Little Donkey: (Tapas Style) @DinWithTLin's fav: Morel Mushroom Gnocchi

Southern Kin Cookhouse: (Southern Cuisine) @DinWithTLin's fav: Chicken & Waffles

Precinct Bar & Kitchen: (Classic Boston Cuisine) @DinWithTLin's fav: Charcuterie Plate

Sip Wine Bar: (Wine Bar) @DinWithTLin's fav: Multiple Glasses of Wine

Henrietta’s Table: (Comfort Food) @DinWithTLin's fav: Chicken Pot Pie

Area Four: (Pizza) @DinWithTLin's fav: White Anchovy Pizza


Island Creek Oyster Bar: (Oyster Bar) @DinWithTLin's fav: Dozen of the Island Creek Oysters & Salmon Tartare

James Hook + Co: (Lobster Rolls) @DinWithTLin's fav: Lobster Roll

Lukes Lobster: (Lobster Rolls) @DinWithTLin's fav: Trio of Rolls (Crab, Lobster & Shrimp)

Waypoint: (Seafood) @DinWithTLin's fav: Breakfast Pizza

Neptune Oyster: (Seafood) @DinWithTLin's fav: Lobster Roll

The Daily Catch: (Seafood & Pasta) @DinWithTLin's fav: Black Squid Ink Pasta


Mistral: (French) @DinWithTLin's fav: Foie Gras (FAVORITE dish in Boston)

Bistro Du Midi: (French) @DinWithTLin's fav: Chicken for Two

Deuxave: (French) @DinWithTLin's fav: Long Island Duck Breast


Posto: (Italian) @DinWithTLin's fav: Gnocchi

Nico: (Italian) @DinWithTLin's fav: Rigatoni alla Sal


Felipes: (Mexican) @DinWithTLin's fav: Nachos!! & don't forget the house margs

Papagayos: (Mexican) @DinWithTLin's fav: Trailer Park Tacos

Painted Burro: (Mexican) @DinWithTLin's fav: Pork Carnitas Tacos

Tenoch: (Mexican) @DinWithTLin's fav: Tenoch Torta


Committee: (Mediterranean Tapas) @DinWithTLin's fav: Feta Saganaki

Sarma: (Mediterranean Tapas) @DinWithTLin's fav: Fried Chicken (not on the menu have to ask for it)

Barcelona Wine Bar: (Spanish Tapas) @DinWithTLin's fav: Paella

Toro: (Spanish Tapas) @DinWithTLin's fav: Jamon Serrano de Fermin


Sugidama: (Japanese) @DinWithTLin's fav: Uni Soba

Cafe Sushi: (Japanese) @DinWithTLin's fav: Chirashi

Blue Fuji: (Japanese) @DinWithTLin's fav: Salmon Don

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